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Video preview: Next weekend PBS joins A Journey through NYC religions!

Be sure to tune into PBS Television’s Religion and Ethics Newsweekly next week! Sat Feb 23 10:30 am WNET-13 Sun Feb 24 10 am WLIW-21, 5:30 pm WNET 13   Related

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PBS TV films Journey artist sketching altar of St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church

PBS TV films Journey artist sketching altar of St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church

Be sure to tune into PBS Television's Religion and Ethics Newsweekly next week!

Sat Feb 23 10:30 am WNET-13

Sun Feb 24 10 am WLIW-21, 5:30 pm WNET 13


  • Hi Tita,

    One of our reporters visited Riverside but I think we didn't get all of the groups that you mentioned! So, we will swing by again!

    Thanks for the info and your thoughtful comments.

  • I really appreciate your visits to religions around NYC. I have good friends who are Catholic, Protestant/Evangelical, Pentacostal, Muslim, Sufi Muslim, Confucian, Reformed/Conservative/Orthodox Jewish, B'hai, Copt, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, humanist, Greek/Eastern Orthodox, new age believers in cosmic energy, you name it. People who are deeply committed to experiencing the spirituality of our lives enrich my life.

    When you next go to the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Riverside Church has not only its own ecumenical service and services (with a protestant minister, catholic priest and jewish rabbi all on staff) but also shelters other faith communities - Ethiopian Coptic, a Chinese protestant group, Morningside Meeting of the Society of Friends (Quakers - and my group that is also connected to religious groups that come together in a prison ministry, a liaison with the NYPD, rabbis for human rights, and other coalitions.)

    Like the old tale about the blind men with an elephant, where one touches the tail, another has a thin circular ear, another has the trunk, still another a leg - and they are all sure whatever part of the elephant they found is what an elephant is. I feel our religious traditions - and even firm "believers" in atheism or agnosticism - are connected to one spirit that we interpret and honor in many different ways.

  • Great program! The flavor of Eldridge Street was palpably. Such a beautiful neighborhood. I visited the museum and the feeling was still very spiritual.

  • Would you like to visit an A.M.E. church in Brooklyn?

  • I think you are right; we need to put the Baha'i Center on our priority to-do list. You are not the first to suggest that we do so. We visited the center but haven't yet done a story on it. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Maria, Thank you for the encouragement and enthusiasm!

  • I just saw the Religion & Ethics Newsweekly piece on you and I am deeply impressed! I hope you can get to the NYC Baha'i Center soon at 53 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003, phone (212) 674-8998. NYC holds a special place in the heart of American Baha'is.

    Blessings and peace on you all. Thank you for your work.

  • I'm a former New Yorker so I can really appreciate this website. What a wonderful thing you have put together here. I am truly at awe. THANK YOU!

  • We learned from the master.

  • We can't wait to see your article on Eldridge Street!

  • Like it!

  • I like it too

  • I like it!

  • Agree - CARNES: On many things, they’re not going to agree on everything, but to live with each other, value each other, to cherish each other and to say, well, in these areas where we do agree we can do something for the sake of the city, and if we can do that here in New York, then I think we actually have a paradigm that can work in Cairo, have a paradigm that can work in Mumbai.
    43 minutes ago via mobile

  • Fabulous exploration of NYC Religions. Thanks, Kim & Tony!!

  • ‎A Journey through NYC Religions was featured on PBS Religion & Ethics News Weekly. Huzzah! Major kudos to Tony Carnes, for his continual dedication to show this city as the beautiful and diverse city that she is. And that there is a different way to tell people's story. You inspire us! Melissa Kimiadi Christopher Smith

  • Very interesting.

  • I am beaming from ear to ear. A Journey team strikes again with coverage from PBS's Religion and Ethics. While I'm so very sorry to have missed a fun filled day reporting with PBS, I couldn't be more proud of the team! Bravo! Tony Carnes, Darilyn Carnes, Christopher Smith, Maria Karlya

  • Like it!

  • I like this also.

  • Like this!

  • Congratulations! Fantastic video!!

  • It would be interesting for most towns. For New York City -- or even just a borough of it, or even just certain blocks -- it could well be a lifelong addicting obsession to go through this info. Because one would have to figure everything's been there. Even things we couldn't begin to imagine if it were not for this project.

  • I'd love to see it. This ought to be very interesting.

  • like this too

  • like this!

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