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Video Feature: Life of Moses in gritty Brooklyn

Mosheh, New York City Opera VOX2009 promo from Yoav Gal on Vimeo.

Yoav Gal's postmodern opera "Mosheh," see at Here Arts Center, 145 6th Ave, Greenwich Village,

Video Feature: Fashion in Church, Jamaica, Queens

Video Wall of Handel's Messiah

Exclusive from Journey's design team

Video Feature: Isaiah 53's Man of Sorrows @ Museum of Biblical Art, Manhattan

By Tony Carnes

Video Feature: Lisa Gay dances in Flatbush for Haitian relief

Video Feature: Makoto Fujimura's Illuminated Bible

Illumination: The Crossway Fujimura Bible Project from Plywood Pictures on Vimeo.

Coming December 8th!

Makoto Fujimura’s Golden Sea

The artist’s new series and “The Four Gospels” narrowly missed Hurricane Sandy’s destruction of Dillon Gallery.


They think of themselves as Muslim hipsters and call themselves Mipsterz.

Video Feature: Religious theater in Jamaica, Queens

In our journey we discovered Bethel Gospel's theater ministry.

Xu Bing and the Phoenix

A paen to the Chinese migrant worker inspired by Buddhist values. Xu lived in NYC for 20 years and considers it his 2nd home.

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