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Video: Nelson Mandela at Riverside Church, NYC 1990, 2005

Mandela told the audience, “In the words of the prophet Isaiah, ‘We have risen up as on the wings of eagles.'”

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Mandela at Riverside Church, NYC

Mandela at Riverside Church, NYC


  • I still can't believe that this world of ours, that all of us were granted the privilege of having Nelson Mandela among us.
    So although we mourn his passing we also celebrate the life of this great teacher, revolutionary, moralist, peace maker and leader. How sad it would have been if there had never been this man. It is truly remarkable how many lives he touched. He wasn't an angel but a person of flesh and blood. But his spirit and his essentially spiritual teachings touched the entire world. We are not likely to see a man of his beliefs again. The loss is great--and it is ours. What a treasure Nelson Mandela was.

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