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Immigrant ruins: churches regroup as Brazilians leave the city

Thumbnail : Immigrant ruins: churches regroup as Brazilians leave the city

What if the anti-immigrant forces have their way? What would New York City faith look like? What happened by 2013 among Brazilian churches gives a clue.

The Orthodox Christians of Metro NYC

Thumbnail : The Orthodox Christians of Metro NYC

1% of the adult population in the New York City Metropolitan area identify their religion as Orthodox Christian in 2014.

Brother James

Thumbnail : Brother James

For James Stewart his time in prison burns like a hot iron on his day to day life. Though yellow and wrinkled, the prison discharge papers smoke in the pockets of his pants. They remind him of what he used to be. Outwardly, Stewart is Brother James, a preacher roaming the NYC streets. Some people […]


Thumbnail : Tomorrow

We have run across quite a few ex-gangsters who were converted through churches from their life of crime into assets for our community.  In Astoria Melissa Kimiadi knocked on a door of a small church in Astoria.  She was wearing her “Vibram Five Finger” shoes that fit like a glove on one’s feet but which […]

Queens 1 Astoria Census Map

Thumbnail : Queens 1 Astoria Census Map

In Astoria, Queens we met Brother James Stewart who was still raw in his emotion from attending the funeral of a friend from his former drug-dealing days. After extensive interviews and a visit to Brother James’ old drug-dealing spots in the Bronx, Melissa has filed a story about this man’s remarkable turn-around. Look for it […]

NYC’s Brazilian “Black Swans”

Thumbnail : NYC’s Brazilian “Black Swans”

  Something unpredictable is happening in New York City. It is the arrival of “Black Swans.” For a millennia most people thought there were only white swans. Then, the news spread that in Australia there were black swans. Thousands of years of experience and a mindset that said that swans are only white were contradicted. […]

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