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Journey OpEd writer Rev Gabriel Salguero gives invocation at the 2012 Democratic National Convention

New York religious leaders bookended the convention Thursday. The pastor of Lamb’s Church, Manhattan led off.

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Also see Salguero's popular OpEd New York is a place to reason together.

  • couldnt be said any better .

  • Rev. Salguero's interview covers how he came to faith, the views of younger people, the nature of his church and more. You should read the whole interview.

    Rev. Salguero begins the interview with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association:

    Q: Tell us why you are here in Charlotte at the Democratic National Convention.

    Saiguero: I was invited to give the invocation on the final night of the convention. I think that my task as an evangelical pastor is that when asked to pray, you pray. If asked by Republicans or Democrats, I would come, because for me, prayer is not a partisan activity. It is a calling.

    So I come as a pastor to pray that God would guide our nation, that God would protect our nation, and that God would have us follow his purposes as we move forward in this election season—whichever way it goes—and that we would seek God’s wisdom and guidance.

    And he ends:

    Q: This sounds like how Billy Graham approached his role with U.S. presidents.

    Saiguero: Yes! Billy Graham is really a model for clergy engaging national, political figures and presidents. His model is to love people. Be a pastor. Pray for them. Whether you agree with them or disagree, the Bible calls us to pray for our leaders and pray with our leaders—they need to see that we’re praying.

    I am appreciative for the life and legacy of Dr. Graham, his son Franklin, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. So I am grateful that they are here and that they are praying with and for Republicans and Democrats and the president.

  • A response to questions about prayer by Rev. Salguero
    Here's an Interview with Rev. Salguero by Billy Graham Evangelical Association:

  • Dear Rev. Salguero,

    I am a fellow Nazarene minister. I respect your willingness to pray at the Democratic National Convention. Your prayer was thoughtful an inspiring. I trust because of your willingness to do so you are not supporting President Obama to serve another four years in office. If so, your religious freedom will cease and you will not be praying or preaching on the air. It is true we need to reach all kinds of people and meet their needs, but government control and socialism is not the answer.

    One concerned citizen & fellow minister,
    In His Service,

  • James the only problem is that nobody cares about his former pastor. I also couldn't find the scripture or doctrine about standing on a wall. Is that in the book of Mormon? Or on the gold plates.

  • SO sorry I missed this!!!

  • It is not surprising that Rev. Salguero gave the invocation at the DNC, because he defended Black Liberation Theology in this article:

    It is almost unthinkable that Obama would not know his stand, in having him give the Invocation.
    This does nothing to dispel the notion that Obama no longer promotes Black Liberation Theology that his former pastor Jeremiah Wright taught for so many years.

    Furthermore, Salguero is a pastor, he is supposed to be a watchman on the wall warning the city and the country about false teachers and promoters of genocide (Planned Parenthood) and exposing his deeds of darkness! Any doubt about the need to mark and expose the deeds of darkness of Obama, commanded in Scripture, read this expose:

  • Thanks.

  • I also like this video.

  • Thanks, like this.

  • Props to a friend and colleague Rev. Gabriel Salguero of National Latino Evangelical Coalition for giving the invocation at last night's DNC.

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