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The Evangelical Squad by New York Times

A generational break from the religious right? For rest of article click The Evangelical Squad. Related

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Sarah Frazier @ Trinity Grace East Village Photo James Estrin

A generational break from the religious right? For rest of article click The Evangelical Squad.

  • Saw website referenced in the NYT article yesterday and checked out site. It's great. I know you were talking about doing something like this last year and am happy it materalized.

  • Very interesting article! I was encouraged to read about the religious climate in the NYU area...I once went out with a couple of people to do street evangelism on West 4th over 20 years ago. Wonderful to hear the heartfelt testimonies of those individuals who were touched by LOVE. Wasko sounds like a very colorful pastor. I was happy to hear about Tyson again. Hey, I never heard about pastors meeting at a "cigar bar"...funny.

  • We have heard from several people that they benefited from the article and how it captures a youthful voice of the city. People like John Ireland's writing and James Estrin's photos. What do you think?

  • I can't believe article I am just reading about Trinity Grace in NY Times. What do you think of it?

  • Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you again. Best!

  • It's been exciting to read of your research and work the past few weeks in various locations. Its really quite a beautiful thing that you're doing!

    Thanks for all the hard, meaningful work and service.

  • Got it!

  • Northern Jersey is really NY metropolitan area. Big hug!

  • Hi Ken, Thanks for letting us know about what our friends at Killing The Buddha are doing!

  • A person I know named Annie Arthur is doing something called a box truck temple in the last week of April. I thought it might be something interesting for NYC religions.

  • We have heard comments that people like the way John Ireland captured a generation's voice, personified the bigger picture of changes in the city and advanced the story about the evangelicals in the city.

  • This piece will have quite an impact. Very well told story.

  • We are really busy with the website. But we believe in something called "extended journalism" which is looking for ways to extend the use of our journalism into other products. We have done some ThinkCards which is our way of summarizing the religious situation in each community district. We also innovated the coffee table booklet idea which we printed and sold out two editions; so we have uploaded it to our website in a turn-page format.

    Thank you very much for the encouragement! And your own great reporting and writing!

  • I just received the notice about your latest project -- a website only? May it prosper beyond expectations.

  • Yes, great work in NJ too! We have done though not yet published a census of NJ religious sites using off the shelf lists (phone directors, etc), so it is not too accurate. Lots of changes going on.

  • Great work. Thank you for shedding light on all the great things happening in NY. We need you to expand to New York Metropolitan area (New Jersey)!

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