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NY Times joins A Journey in Jamaica, Queens!

Mapping religious life in 5 boroughs

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Click here for more of the article. We received many emails and text messages and thought that you would like to know what other people are saying. See below.

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  • It is not my first time to pay a visit this website,
    i am browsing this web site daily. Thanks!

  • IThe web site style is great, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  • Excellent!

  • Great website! Thanks to the Times for the great article, and thanks for all your work on this project!

    Feel free to check out our church, Chelsea Community Church, a nondenominational, Christian Church for people of all faiths and of uncertain faith. We have different guest speakers each week from diverse traditions and backgrounds.

    Check out our website at

  • We also love your book! Thanks!

  • Nice write up in the Times!

  • Congrats Tony and team! Keep up the wonderful work. I am quite honored to have been a part of what you're doing in the city. Keep us updated!

  • Your website handles religion in a professional way that allows the reader freedom to explore and comment.

  • Thanks Meghan. We have received quite a bit of positive feedback on our approach and vision. So, more or less, we are successful in communicating what we want to accomplish. Constant feedback helps us do a better job and include the thinking of more people into A Journey community.

  • Congratulations on the New York Times article! Several people shared that they were intrigued by your approach and vision.

  • Thanks to Henry, Max, Tal, Paul, and David for reading and supporting A Journey!

  • Way to go!

  • Enjoyed this article. Love what you are doing and the fact that it's getting noticed.

  • Jodi, You were a cool group of students.

  • This article reminds me of what I loved about being one of your the same time you're teaching, it's clear you're still on a life-long personal journey of knowledge. It's still inspiring after so many years. 🙂

  • Congratulations!!!

  • CONGRADULATIONS!!! Great work! Wonderful recognition.

  • It's always great to hear what you are doing. Keep up the good work!

  • We are thankful that our Journey to your church encouraged you to start a legal aid clinic in Brooklyn's poorest and most crime ridden area. Thank you for letting us know!

  • Just saw the article in the NY Times. It was great. Just letting you know that we are praying to start a faith-based legal aid service in the Fall. Thanks for helping direct us to that poor and troubled area in Brooklyn.

  • Congratulations on the great NYT article on Friday. I was excited to hear about your project and even more excited about the possibilities that could develop from the data you have collected.

    One of my major research interests is the ways which congregations shape each other and secular society, socially and politically, within neighborhoods and across denominational and faith boundaries.

    I would very much like an opportunity to meet and am interested in working in your project.

  • Great article. via twitter

  • Oh me! A wise expert told us we should be more busy on the front page, with which we tended to agree. So, we made the front page slightly more busy. We are looking into producing lists by community district with an interactive component to allow community input. Thanks for the observations!

  • Dear Editor,

    I was excited to find your website but I find it somewhat difficult to navigate. There is too much happening on the page. First and foremost I would like to see an interactive list of all religious organizations/houses of worship - how many synagogues / churches/mosques etc in the city? etc etc. But your project is fascinating and I wish you success!

  • You have taken up an interest in an important aspect of our city's life: affordable space for religious and community groups.

  • I think the work you are doing is interesting - I am especially interested in the dynamics of how churches, synagogues and storefronts are used and reused in the city: as the populations change so do the uses to which these spaces are put.

  • We will be featuring Haitians and their faiths in the next couple of feature articles. Thank you for your terrific input!

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