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Mayor Bloomberg closes Manhattan worship services of 25 religious groups. The list.

In a move with no precedent in New York City history Mayor Michael Bloomberg will shut down after today the worship services of scores of what he calls “these religious groups.” At least 55 churches and synagogues are affected.

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In a move with no precedent in New York City history Mayor Michael Bloomberg  will shut down after today the worship services of scores of what he calls "these religious groups." At least 57 churches and synagogues are affected.

On his weekly radio program Bloomberg was adamant.

"Separation of church and state is one of the basics of our country...The more religious you are, I think the more you should want to keep the separation because someday the religion that the state picks as the 'state religion' might not be yours. The way to solve that is to not have a state religion," said the mayor.

Bloomberg also said he dismissed religious freedom concerns by legislators in Albany. "I don't know what's going to happen in Albany. I can just tell you what's happening here. This is the last Sunday that these religious organizations will be able to have worship services in the schools. We're not trying to take away their ability to use public property for other kinds of activities. But where they have services, and a cynic would say, 'How would you define what a service is,' but that not withstanding, the courts have ruled...that there are real constitutional concerns here. I have real concerns," he said.


List of religious groups affected by Bloomberg's closings.

Note: some religious groups have services at multiple-sites. This list is incomplete. If you have others to add to the list, please email:

Abounding Grace Ministries

P.S. 34, East Village

Pastor Rick Del Rio

(212) 614-0370


All Souls Christian

602 W. 139th St. Suite #21


Pastor John Starke


Apostles Church

Pastor JR Vassar

Upper East Side congregation @ Robert F. Wagner Middle School

(800) 611-8429


Berkland Baptist Church

270 West 70th Street




City Bible Church

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School

Ed Schefter

(212) 581-6922


Compass Christian Fellowship

Daniel Lee

(917) 721-0324


Empire City International Christian Church

100 W. 84th Street

Andrew Smellie



Everyday Christian Church

4862 Broadway New York, NY, 10034

Pastor Chris Travis



Haitian Community Baptist Church

475 W 155th St, New York, NY

Pastor Morton Francois


Heavenly Vision Christian Center

IS 52, Inwood

Pastor Salvatore Sabino

(718) 220 - 8124

Heritage Baptist Church

Matthew Recker

The School of the Future, 22nd & Lexington Ave

(212) 947-5316


The Journey Church

Pastor Kerrick Thomas

Upper West Side service at Brandeis High School

Village service at PS 41, Sun 6:30pm

(212) 730-8300


Kingdom Dominion International Ministries

411 Pearl Street


Dr. Michelle A. Morrison


Lower East Side Fellowship

293 East Broadway, NYC

Pastor Joe Maldonado



Lower Manhattan Community Church

Jason Morrell, Ryan Holladay,

(646) 543-5798


Manhattan Grace Tabernacle

Rev. Luis A. Rivera

(212) 316-5848


Morning Star New York

Park West High School on West 50th Street

(212) 921-9170


Manhattan Mission Church

270 West 70th Street

Pastor Jae Won Choi


Morning Star New York (MSNY)

Park West High School, 525 West 50th St

Pastor Ron Lewis


Pastor Ron Lewis (on leave)


New Frontier Church (Korean Church)

P.S. 11

Pastor Inhyun Ryu

320 W. 21st St

212 695 1651


Remnant Westside Church

444 W 53rd St.

Pastor Bruce Yi

(212) 213-3626


Trinity Grace Church

Jon Tyson-pastor

Upper West Side service: P.S. 75 Emily Dickinson School Sun 11am

330 Fifth Ave,  8th Floor

NY, NY 10001


Unbroken Chain Church

Dr. Maria D. Lites

(718) 372-9897


Victory Outreach Church

Pastor Tony Valenzuela

(718) 669-1927


The Village Church

P.S. 3

Sam Andreades

(212) 725-2564

  • Dhimmi Bloomberg isn't closing down any mosques???? Well, surprise, surprise, surprise... I say these churches should meet anyway... then sue and take him to court.

  • Hmm... has anyone considered that Wicca is considered a religion in America...

  • At a press conference today, Monday, Mayor Bloomberg was adamant on his policy of excluding churches from using the public schools. His statement went much further than the federal courts and current city policy, which allow churches to use the schools for activities that are not "worship services." It appears that if he could, the mayor wants to exclude religious groups completely from any municipal space that other community groups are allowed to use.

    He said:

    “You know, the Constitution seems to me to be pretty clear.

    I’ve always thought that one of the great things about America is that we keep a separation, and the more clear that separation is, the more those people who want to be able to practice their religion will have the opportunity to do so.

    For those that want to get rid of those separations, let me just point out: Someday the religion that’s practiced there may not be your religion, and you might in that sense look back and say let’s keep the two separate. It’s one of the basics of this country, and I will certainly support it.”

  • Thank you in particular for the excerpt from the mayor's radio show. It is clear the mayor himself understands that a) it is firmly established in law that religious activities may take place in public schools, and b) to carve out an exception to this for worship services is highly questionable.

    He is absolutely correct in his conceptual understanding of the establishment clause - none of us wants to see the government establish a state religion to the detriment of others. But he seems absolutely confused in his application of the law - how does disallowing all religious speech in public facilities promote the establishment clause more effectively than allowing it on an equal basis to all religions (as was the case)?

    His actions seem rather to betray what Tony Carnes states above - he wants to exclude religion in general from the public square.

  • He thinks he's the king, above the law. When will you people realize this?

    Again, this is a civil rights issue that (if anyone had enough money to fight) would be ruled clearly in violation of our constitution, just like his anti-gun policies that put the residents of New York at risk every day.

  • These Churches are leasing the schools. They should have the right at least to be given notice of this action! I do not agree with kicking them out in the first place. What does renting a place have to do with the state? I have know many churches that have rented a school to get started but even if they rent for years, again, what does that have to do with the state? It is a sad day when the "state" can just kick the churches out of their place of worship when it is rented. So how long before the "state" kicks us out of the churches we have built.

  • Not a good trend...religious freedom is vital to our freedom...

  • How many churches opened their doors to help the City's Fire and Police heroes during 9/11?

  • The mayor's action undermines the postsecular public square and tends to through us back into the era of culture wars.

  • So bizarre, esp. in light of the words of Mayor Bloomberg at previous times and cited in this article -
    "Mayor Bloomberg’s declaration 17 months ago haunts us. In defending the right of a mosque to build near Ground Zero, he said: “We in New York . . . are Americans, each with an equal right to worship and pray where we choose. There is nowhere in the five boroughs that is off-limits to any religion. By affirming that basic idea, we will honor America’s values, and we will keep New York the most open, diverse, tolerant and free city in the world.”

    "The mayor’s boasts from another occasion ring equally hollow: “Our doors are open to everyone . . . Of all our precious freedoms, the most important may be the freedom to worship as we wish. And it is a freedom that, even here in a city that is rooted in Dutch tolerance, was hard-won over many years.”...

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