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March after the Pomp

Faith groups in Women’s March

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Lisa Sharon Harper


My evangelical faith compels me to revere and believe the scripture. Scripture declares that both men and women are made in the image of God and therefore equally called and created with the capacity to help steward the world. I will march in the Women's March to proclaim that regardless of who leads our government, God is calling women to stay standing, continue marching forward, continue raising our voices and taking up space in this world. The repair and healing of our broken world depends on it.

Lisa Sharon Harper, Author of The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong can be Made Right and Sojourners Chief Church Engagement Officer  

As the Executive Director of Faith in New York, a multi-faith, multi-race federation of congregations in New York City dedicated to justice, it was important to me that as women of faith and allies that we come to DC and march. During these times people of faith can't be silent or bless sexism and nativism even if it comes from our elected officials. As a African-American woman of faith it is my call to not only pray for justice but to stand and march for justice, this is why I am coming to the March.

Onleilove Alston, Executive Director Faith in New York and Founder of a Woman's Theology of Liberation for the PICO Network.

Marchers, like Christians/like Muslims/like Democrats/Like Republicans/etc…, are not monolithic. We do ourselves a disservice if we think this is true. We each have a story on “the why” of “what” we are doing.

#WhyIMarch Because as a Christian Minister I believe in the words that Mother Mary sang when she found out she would be the Mother of Jesus and that political song continues to call me today. She sang “God has brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the humble. God has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the rich away empty.” I march for the poor that West End Collegiate Church serves to ensure services that support our community needs. I march for women, the dignity of women, the respect of women and I find it embarrassing that our current president would talk about women the way he does. The Love of money cannot run this country, but it is the delicate balance of walking humbly, doing justice, and loving mercy that must guide our country. I march with my community of faith that I lead because we are prayerfully learning that balance together. I march as a Christian minister to say that I believe King Jesus is were my allegiance is and always will be and that Jesus blessed bodies that were considered outcast during his time. I march because my march is a prayer to rend the heavens and pray for God's protection on the immigrant, the poor, the elderly, the lonely, the LGBTQ kindred, women, and children.

Rev. Jes Kast, West End Collegiate Church



On Thursday night, dozens gathered at the Base DWTN synagogue near Union Square to bake challah and other traditional Sabbath foods to hand out to those marching in Saturday’s Women’s March on New York City.  From Forward 

On #SNL, New Yorker Azazi Ansari gave a good wrap up to the day:



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