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I Heard Them Singing

Most amazing deacons’ meeting that you have ever seen

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Ultimate Power Revival Center @ 193-19 Linden Blvd

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  • Thank you for all the great respones. If you in the area stop by the church.

  • Ultimate Power has been known to go against the norm and do wht God said to. So for tht reason ths is a good and true show of PART OF WHT IS REALLY GOD AND WHT IS REALLY ULTIMATE POWER. DR. FRITZ and DEACON FRITZ along with Ultimate Power have REAL PRAISE DANCERS AND REAL WORSHIPPERS who go hard after God. Continue lifting Christ up among men.

  • This just took me back to the days when I was just a little boy in church and we would hear singing like this. Now adays everything is so contemporary. The praise and worship part of the service is accented with ballad dancers who are now termed as praise dancers. There is a good show but no true anointing in some of todays services.

    This type of singing displayed at your church is the type of singing and praising God that will cause a sinner to see the lack in his life and turn to Jesus. Thanks so much for the video. Keep this kind of worship and praise going. It fits even in a business meeting!

  • I prayed that the Lord would put UPRC on the map. Guess what? He has done just that. Amen

  • I enjoyed reading the New York times article about A Journey. Thanks for
    all you do to dig up good real life stories about New Yorkers and
    their odd, but fascinating church lives. In God's time, I hope to see
    you in NY sometime.

  • Thank you. This is wonderful work and I am so gratefuto you for sharing it with me.

  • Wonderful! Such a magical place. Dr. Fritz and the Spiritual Hearts are truly blessed!

  • The choir is truly a blessing. We thank God for the opportunity. Doors are opening for Ultimate Power Revival Center, Inc. Minister Kenny loves what he saw and heard.

  • very nice! thanks

  • I read about your work of mapping every house of worship in New York. This is great! When I read this, I was rather exuberant

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