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Harlem 1948 Episode 11 Aunt Hattie, Church Detective

#1 Harlem Detective

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  • Do you know much about Step's story as a Catholic?

  • Although a biography erroneously reported Step converted to Islam late in Later years, he remained a devout Catholic throughout his life. His real story is yet to be told.

  • Stepin Fetchit was a genius peformer of stereotyped roles and lived on the wild side. Late in life, he became a Muslim and joined Muhammed Ali's entourage as an adviser.

    Spike Lee called Tyler Perry a modern "stepin fetchit" to which Perry replied "Spike can go straight to hell!" However, after making the movie "Bamboozled" Spike Lee said that he regretted some of the negative things he had said about pioneer African American film actors and expressed admiration for Stepin Fetchit's craft.

    Here are a couple of books on Stepin and Fetchit:

    The Life and Times of Lincoln Perry
    By Mel Watkins

    The Tragedy of Stepin Fetchit
    By Champ Clark

    BLACK LIKE YOU by John Strausbaugh

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