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Does God Care About Climate Change? Report by Climate Desk’s James West

With 356 religious sites, Flushing is arguably the most theologically diverse neighborhood in America. What are they teaching about climate change?

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For more stories, interactive map, and five videos via WNET-13,

or via Mother Jones magazine.

  • The blog is cool

  • God is actually IN CONTROL of the climate! Not man.

    Like all of the creation, as explained in Genesis, the climate and the earth was created FOR man. Good conservative stewardship has ALWAYS been the appropriate way to live out our biblical faith, be it our enviroment, our time, our assets, and everything that he has provided. But, do not be conservative out of a false fear in global warming, but rather out of reverence and obediance to God's will.

    God's design, and not man, is the 'cause' of the short and long-term changes in our environment, and historical data makes that EXTREMELY obvious. God tells us in Revelations how the environmental 'disaster' will come, and it is not in our control. It is already finished - it WILL happen just as He tells of it in scripture. God will bring on the apocalypse, not automobiles.

    Do not worship at the false altar of global warming. That god does not exist and should not drive our actions. Yes, be sensitive to how your existance impacts other people and try to minimize that intrusion, but do it out of response to God's will, and not out of a faith in a false belief in this Global Warming religion.

  • Did you know that Flushing Queens, New York City, is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the U.S.? That it is teeming with a panoply of the world's religions? That the Quaker Meeting House in Flushing was the center of a freedom of religion controversy in 1694?

    The introductory video is a wonderful introduction to the *Conversation* that is America. Continue into the report to learn what 5 different religious groups think about the climate change.

  • This is such a wonderful report - the first video that gives a sense of the multitudes and their variety that live in Flushing is quite a report by itself. Whew, the United States really is an amazing mixture, if maybe not quite the "melting pot" that we sometimes champion.

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