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Updated Thurs 8:44am: East Harlem explosion kills 7, 8 missing, 74 injured. Destroys Spanish Christian Church

The pastors of the church at 1644 Park Avenue (116th Street) are Revs. Thomas Perez & Santos Mercado. 102 churches in E Harlem.

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Spanish Christian Church


East Harlem Explosion


Happier times during visit with A Journey through NYC religions

Pleasant summer day at Spanish Christian Church during visit with A Journey through NYC religions

Several members of the church live upstairs in one of the six apartment units and are missing. If injured, they may be at the hospital. Some work or go to school during the day. The tenants now are homeless and have lost all of their personal possessions. Local pastors have also gathered to plan out ways to help the church.

Fire Department Tweet

Fire Department Tweet

  • Thanks to the people that we cover!

  • Wow, fantastic website!

  • Lifting up prayers for Spanish Christian Church.

  • The church is trying to find out if any employees or congregants are missing. There are four tenants upstairs from the church that are missing.

  • The collapsed building was my uncles church (dads brother) The Spanish Christian Church Rev;Thomas Perez. Prayers— Norma Jackson (@boriquama22) March 12, 2014

  • My condolences to the Pastors, Elders and people of Spanish Christian Church in NYC today. There was a devastating explosion and the church building no longer stands. My husband Mario and I were asst ministers as part of the English Ministry under Pastors Mickey and Tania Fuentes in the 90's. We received our call to pastor in that church, began our AIDS ministry there and we have many fond memories. Our hearts and our prayers are with the congregation. They have an amazing legacy in Spanish Harlem.— Leigh Piatt-Gonzalez (@LeighPiattG) March 12, 2014

  • We miss you Spanish christian church. Been there since I was three. I hope the people that where there will be found. #EastHarlemExplosion— Aaliyah (@Camleecarpenter) March 12, 2014

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