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We have the deepest source of information and analytics on the religions that drive life in New York City. In our work, we display religion in an authentic, naturalistic style using our cutting edge innovations in printing and web design.

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Our data-driven journalism reveals the complex inter-dependencies of religious faith and city life so that decision makers and citizens can truly understand how things happen. Unlike too many centers of urban expertise, we don't leave out the faith-factor, but bring a close, fine-grained perspective without losing sight of the bigger picture of the city.

By seeing the big picture with its religious elements included, we provide our readers and clients with insights and perspectives that allow them to know what is happening quicker than if they relied only on a thin secularized viewpoint. Ferguson, Missouri? Our readers knew before anyone else about the large faith-based response to the Mike Brown's death. Eric Garner? We were there when the tensions between police and the neighborhood first started. Muslims in the city? No one knows the numbers and facts about our Muslims neighbors better than we do. Fast-growth of evangelicals, Orthodox Jews, and Latino Catholics? We have done the definitive data-driven reporting and become a bridge between our faith-communities and also the non-religious communities. We are nonpartisan and nonsectarian while trying to practice sympathetic objectivity with all parties.

We call this HINGE INTELLIGENCE because so often the great turning points of this city have involved religion. From 911 to the surprising Pentecostal and Evangelical support that made election of Bill Di Blasio possible, Journey Data Center was the leader in understanding and parsing out the implications of these events.

We are constantly increasing our knowledge about the innovative faith-based solutions to urban problems like homelessness, hunger, crime, corruption, gentrification, education, and racism.

We partner with other leaders in journalism, faith-based groups, business, and government so that they can apply high level, independent thinking about religion in the city to their daily tasks and strategic thinking.

If you would like to consult or use our data and design services, send us an email and we will quickly respond. 

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