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A Journey through NYC religions lends its BILLBOARD space for free to any faith-based group. We have a limited amount of space for BILLBOARDS from non-faith-based organizations.



Your BILLBOARDS will help guide thousands of people on their journeys through life in New York City. Journey has had over 43 million viewers since July 2010. Each day, our features are seen by tens of thousands of people. In March 2017, we received 1 million unique viewers. Our viewers are the general public, tend to be younger, and live in the United States, though our features on nationalities in New York City usually pick up viewers from the home country. We also tweet our BILLBOARDS through our StreetSmartTweet system which matches the BILLBOARD with appropriate twitter influentials. In one campaign in May 2017,, our BILLBOARDS reached 276,000 twitter accounts. Our BILLBOARDS also are posted on our Facebook and Google+ accounts.

However, we have some requirements.*

The BILLBOARDS must be fitted into a jpeg that measures 4" height and 6" wide or 460px height by 700 px wide. The jpeg size should be between 240-280k. Or a png file may be provided as long as it is the same dimensions. Video must meet Youtube or Vimeo requirements.

You must send us your BILLBOARD by one week before we place your BILLBOARD on our website.

Bear in mind that over half of our viewers come through mobile phones. The best practice for BILLBOARDS on our journey is to lead with a photo, use minimal amount of interesting text, and a link for registration at events or to your website.


Where do we place the BILLBOARDS?

On Tuesdays BILLBOARDS will be our main feature. This placement will particularly help groups wanting to announce their activities for the weekend.

We will also place BILLBOARDS in-line with our feature articles.

How long and how often will we run the BILLBOARD?

Up to three weeks


*The BILLBOARD must be appropriate to Journey's mission and values. A Journey through NYC religions supports the flourishing of faith-based (and non-faith-based) people on the public square, though the publication of a BILLBOARD doesn't indicate our endorsement.


Here is an example of a recent simple BILLBOARD that was provided to us:



Non-faith-based BILLBOARDS

We respect the work done by non-faith-based non-profits, governments, and for-profit organizations. Sometimes, their services are directly relevant to our mission to help faith-based organizations and to educate the general public about religion in New York City.

We have a limited amount of BILLBOARD space to rent to non-faith-based organizations. We provide BILLBOARDS as our feature on Tuesdays, in-line with our current features, sidebar BILLBOARDS for every feature published, RICH MEDIA, NATIVE FEATURE BILLBOARDS and in-line with our features. We also provide BUTTONS. We don't run banner or pop-up BILLBOARDS. All our BILLBOARDS are responsive to the platform on which they are viewed.

We run for-profit BILLBOARDS for three weeks at a cost per thousand impressions (CPM). We calculate the costs according to the expenses that we incur to fulfill our mission to educate the general public about religion in New York City. If you want help in determining whether your for-profit organization is a good fit for our audience and mission, contact us:

We offer some creative services for a fee to cover the basic costs of labor.

Our designers are some of the best in the world. This summer, one of our designers won one of the highest international awards for design. Our videos regularly place high in awards contests. Our designers have agreed to help the faith community at very low rates.

*Design of print or photo BILLBOARD. $75 - $375

*Design of video BILLBOARD. $200 - $1200 

*Story-telling BILLBOARD. $300-3500

We also design strategic campaigns to communicate with our general and specific audiences through our web magazine, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, tumblr, and email. Since 2010, we have been viewed by 38 million unique viewers. In March 2017, we reached one million unique viewers through our website and mobile web. We have about 5000 Facebook friends, 3000 twitter followers, and 5,000 person email network.

The cost of the design and implementation of strategic campaigns varies from $3000 to $30,000.

Contact us:

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