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Melissa Kimiadi

What should workshop participants bring with them for a day of reporting?

Participants need to bring items to report and record their experiences:

Digital Camera
Small Note Book (5.5×4.24 inch recommended)
Sound Recorder
Video Camera (optional)

How should I dress for the day?

Dress should be comfortable and respectful. Most days we are entering a variety of houses of worship. However, we also spend a lot of time in the surrounding neighborhoods and must be prepared for New York City’s weather. In some instances attire will be modified for visits to particular locations. In this case group leaders will be notified in advance.

What should I expect to do during the day?

Interviewing people at various houses of worship in New York City. In a God’s Row project we will concentrate on a particularly dense street and attempt to visit as many locations as possible.

Surveying each site. In A Journey’s process students collect contact and location information.

Taking pictures. Students will have an opportunity to photograph many houses of worship, both inside and outside.

Collect sound and video recordings when permitted.

How long should our group expect to be in the field?

Most of A Journey’s field days are seven or eight hours long. Reporting will commence in the morning with a break for lunch and finish in the early evening.

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