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Create your own workshop!

Illustration: A Journey through NYC religions from NASA photos

Can't make to our Workshop? Here are some pointers for creating your own! Illustration: A Journey through NYC religions from NASA photos

Some of you may not be able to come to one of workshops, so here are some things you can do to create your own workshop!

Experience of a journey on God's Row, Eldridge Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan

Preserving religion in a Lower East Side basement. It is what America does best. At Assafa Islamic Center kids memorize 80,000 Arabic words from the Qur’an. On God’s Row Eldridge Street


Read about the Journey journalism approach:

Why we Journey:

Why we JOURNEY. No. 1

Why we JOURNEY. No. 2. Charting the geography of faith sites in New York City.

Why we JOURNEY. No. 3. Getting to know the peoples of New York City.

Why we JOURNEY. No. 4. Spiritual maps of the city.

Why we JOURNEY. No. 5. The best way to do hyperlocal reporting.

Why we Journey. No. 6. Journeying decenters power from the editor to the reporters and the audience.

Why we Journey. No. 7. The spiritual life of the Journeyer.


The values of the journey: sympathetic objectivity

Sympathetic Objectivity Part 1. Sriracha sauce for journalism

Sympathetic Objectivity Part 2. At A Journey we have a different approach which is built into our organization. Our idea of sympathy is that we have a “fellow-feeling” with our respondents. This solidarity is extended to “fellow understanding.”

Sympathetic Objectivity Part 3Sympathetic objectivity may help us to bring together the sympathy of the heart with the objectivity and skepticism of the mind.

Sympathetic Objectivity Part 4Get more bang for your buck with empathy first. Open ears and heart makes for better interviews. Skepticism later, if needed.


Time-travel: Journey Retrospectives

Journey Retrospectives/Retros I“Retrospectare,” Latin for taking a look back. “Retrospectives,” Journey’s word for our look back at the tremendous religious dramas of New York City

The City Q/A. Journey Retrospectives IIJourney Retrospectives show how the great questions of life have always been central to New York City

Journey Retros on disruptions and catastrophes. Retrospectives III. Creativity rarely flows out of an act of complete originality.It is usually the clash of two value systems or traditions, which, in collision, create a transcendent third thing

Journey Innovation Retrospectives. Part IV of the series.  Jacob Riis brought a new way of doing journalism and photography in order to realize certain religious values

Journey Dowser Retrospectives. Part V in the seriesJourney Retros hope to find religious innovations buried in NYC’s past that can be recycled. We practice “history that you can use.”


Read about NYC religions through Journey's eyes:

Metro NYC Religions. About two-thirds of adults in the New York City metropolitan area identify themselves as Christian;

The Catholics of Metro NYC. 36% of adults in the NYC metro area in 2014 identified themselves as Catholic;

The Jews of Metro NYC on the eve of Passover. 8% of the adults in the New York City Metro area identify their religion as Jewish;

The Protestants of Metro NYC on Easter Day. The Protestants of Metro NYC on Easter Day;

The Orthodox Christians of Metro NYC. 1% of the adult population in the New York City Metropolitan area identify their religion as Orthodox Christian in 2014; and

more to come!

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