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Religion Newswriters Award for best in-depth religion reporting in a series.

Who are we?

On March 1, 2015 we had our 22,000,000th viewer! We are #1 on Google search for "NYC religion." We were founded on July 9, 2010 and continue with your support. Thank-you so very much!

We are exploring the postsecular city.

Join us as we travel down all 6,374.9 miles of our city's streets, every alleyway and quite a few hallways to map and photograph every religious site and to interview clergy and lay leaders at the sites.

We are an online magazine that ventures new ways of reporting about religion. We are nonsectarian and nonpartisan and open to anyone's cool and authoritative reporting on NYC religion.

We are a public square for the postsecular city. People of faith, people of no faith, liberals, conservatives--all are welcomed to journey together to make this city better for all people. Our warmest feelings are toward those who help the poor, the needy, and the abused.

Journey snow days great for faith photos!

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  • Mormon church backs Utah LGBT anti-discrimination bill March 4, 2015
    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah lawmakers introduced a landmark bill Wednesday that bars discrimination against gay and transgender individuals while protecting the rights of religious groups and individuals.
  • Utah lawmakers file anti-bias bill, with backing of Mormon Church March 4, 2015
    Lawmakers in conservative Utah on Wednesday introduced a landmark anti-discrimination bill, with the backing of the Mormon Church, that they said would prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation while also protecting religious freedom. The proposal, which supporters hailed as a model for the rest of the country, would prohibit employers, landlords or property owners from […]
  • 'The elderly are not aliens': Pope March 4, 2015
    Pope Francis urged his followers at his weekly prayer on Wednesday to show affection and respect for the elderly, saying they must not be treated as "aliens".


Youth moving on up at Brooklyn church, Part 1

Youth moving on up at Brooklyn church, Part 1

Former Black Muslim sparks life into United Baptist Church on God’s Row Ralph Avenue, Crown Heights


Do we need to integrate our churches?

Do we need to integrate our churches?

What do you think?


A Journey through Bushwick religions finished!

A Journey through Bushwick religions finished!

285 religious sites for 130,000 people!


5 Unforgettable features from one year ago

5 Unforgettable features from one year ago

PBS goes with A Journey, East Harlem Explosion, Mike Luo of the NY Times and surprises from Williamsburg & Greenpoint



Sufjan Stevens on faith & life in the Noisy Age

Sufjan Stevens on faith & life in the Noisy Age

On March 31 Brooklyn artist releases album "Carrie & Lowell" in honor of his mother and step-dad.


Jacob Riis’ loves — A video valentine

Jacob Riis’ loves — A video valentine

NYC's most famous reporter, photo-journalist, reformer was motivated by love.

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn has begun!

Works with Order of St Vincents to maintain food pantry.

Rev Monsignor Raymond W Kutner
Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church, Jackson Heights, Queens

We do spiritual mapping of our local area and international missions.
3327 97th St, 718-478-0780
Founded 1958.

Pastor Lillian Ferguson
Mt Olivet Gospel Church, Corona, Queens

Saving souls and Strong prayer.

Rev Marilyn Landry
Pentecostal Faith Church of God, SI

Melissa was engaged by the spirit of member Lisa Gay at this church!

Pastor Kenroy Teague
First Wesleyan Church, Flatbush, Brooklyn

25 members of this church have gone into the ministry!

Ms Lillian Hammer
Zion Lutheran Church, Staten Island

Rev & Mrs Eric Owusu

Spiritual relief to the broken-hearted, sick and poor.
Founded 2003
111 E Tremont Ave

Rev & Mrs Eric Owusu
Holy Fire Dynamic Word Intl Church, Morrisania, Bronx

How are we unique? Food, food, food, the needy of Katrina, Haiti, tsunami & Caribbean islands.

Mrs. Betty Williams
Bible Way Church of God, Flatbush, Brooklyn

The Walks: in the Word, in Victory.

Bishop Joseph L Ricks
Victory Church in Jesus Christ Intl, North Staten Island

Our church was founded for "colored workers" at the race track who had no other church that would accept them.

Pastor Orlando McReynolds
American Baptist Church, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

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  • Preacher. By Charles White, 1972Bible NYC Exhibit

    Updated weekly with new videos, photos and articles on the use of the Bible in NYC.

The Welcome Wagon's "Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices"

The Welcome Wagon - Remedy from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn pastor-poet Vito & wife Monique Aiuto

Mi Casa Uptown

@RichPerez729 Christ Crucified Fellowship, Washington Heights Growing up in Uptown NYC, a trip to the grocery store isn't just a trip to the grocery store. It's a time to getaway and say whats up to friends, go on adventure, see things and share your world with friends. I hope we never lose that sense of faith and adventure as we grow older. Lyrics: Rich Perez Production: Andy Mineo Video Work: Scouts Honor Media

Journey & identity in Australian Outback

In 1977, Robyn Davidson walked 1,700 miles across the Australian outback. National Geographic sent Rick Smolan to photograph her perilous journey—a trek that tested and transformed them, forming an immutable bond that continues to this day. See the project at

Facing your fears on a Journey.

Click photo to launch slideshow — “Street Art. Williamsburg-Greenpoint”

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