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Religion Newswriters Award for best in-depth religion reporting in a series.

Who are we?

On September 8, 2016 we had our 34,000,000th viewer! We are #1 on Google search for "NYC religion." We were founded on July 9, 2010 and continue with your support. Thank-you so very much!

We are exploring the postsecular city.

Join us as we travel down all 6,374.9 miles of our city's streets, every alleyway and quite a few hallways to map and photograph every religious site and to interview clergy and lay leaders at the sites.

We are an incubator and educator for new ways of doing religion reporting and understanding the postsecular city. We are nonsectarian and nonpartisan and open to anyone's cool and authoritative reporting on NYC religion.

We are a public square for the postsecular city. People of faith, people of no faith, liberals, conservatives--all are welcomed to journey together to make this city better for all people. Our warmest feelings are toward those who help the poor, the needy, and the abused.

Our crack reporter senses the Buddha is close.

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Robert J Johansson — The pastor with grit goes home

Robert J Johansson — The pastor with grit goes home

Notable NYC church leader & educator died Wednesday, October 19


Sukkah City, NY

Sukkah City, NY

Camping out on the way to the Holy Land celebrated from Sunday evening, October 16th to Sunday evening, October 23 with the Jewish holiday Sukkot.


Trump infuriates, stumps NYC evangelicals UPDATED!

Trump infuriates, stumps NYC evangelicals UPDATED!

Redeemer's Rev. Tim Keller hasn't made any public announcement on Trump but is appearing with rabid anti-Trump NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in an event ...


Flushing, Queens Sojourn — Sacred landscapes

Flushing, Queens Sojourn — Sacred landscapes

Landscapes of Buddhism,Japanese New Religion, Catholicism, Greek, and Korean evangelical Protestantism


Manhattan Sojourn — Tapping, “Good night!”

Manhattan Sojourn — Tapping, “Good night!”

Wondrously tapping, Andrew Nemr is coming to A Journey soon!


Manhattan Sojourn — tap dancing for lunch!

Manhattan Sojourn — tap dancing for lunch!

Get up out of your chairs!

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn has begun!

  • Vatican: No more scattering of cremation ashes

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican on Tuesday published guidelines for Catholics who want to be cremated, saying their remains cannot be scattered, divvied up or kept at home but rather stored in a sacred, church-approved place. […]

  • Vatican, Argentine church to open 'dirty war' archives

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican and Argentina's Catholic Church said Tuesday they had finished cataloguing their archives from the country's brutal "dirty war" and will soon make them available to victims and their relatives who have long accused the church of complicity with the military dictatorship. […]

  • Vatican, Argentine Catholic Church to open archives from 'dirty war' now that cataloguing completed

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Vatican, Argentine Catholic Church to open archives from 'dirty war' now that cataloguing completed. […]

  • Don't scatter cremated ashes or keep them at home, Vatican says

    By Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Roman Catholic Church prefers burial over cremation and wants ashes of the dead to be kept in "sacred places", not at home, divided among family members or scattered to the wind, the Vatican said on Tuesday. A two-page instruction issuing new rules on cremation also said that there were even some cases where a Christian funeral could be denied to those who request that ashes be scattered. "The conservation of the ashes of the departed in a domestic residence is not permitted," the instruction from the Vatican's department on doctrine said, except in "grave and exceptional cases" to be decided by the local bishop. […]

  • Baha'i minority says Iran is trying to crush the religion

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The Baha'i International Community said Tuesday that Iran's effort to crush the religious minority has continued unabated and intensified on some fronts despite President Hassan Rouhani's promises to end religious discrimination. […]

  • Christian cartoon tract creator Jack Chick dies at 92

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jack T. Chick, whose cartoon tracts preached fundamentalist Christianity while vilifying secular society, evolution, homosexuality, and the beliefs of Catholics and Muslims, has died. He was 92. […]

  • Maduro meets pope as Vatican steps into Venezuela crisis

    CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro met Monday with Pope Francis as the Vatican took a more active role trying to defuse a tense political standoff in the South American nation. […]

  • Police: Man stabbed cousin in S. Carolina church over curse

    SUMTER, S.C. (AP) — Authorities say a man stabbed his cousin during a church service in South Carolina because he thought the victim had put a curse on him. […]

  • Pope urges Venezuela's Maduro to alleviate people's suffering

    By Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro made a surprise visit on Monday to Pope Francis, who urged the embattled leader to alleviate people's suffering and negotiate with the opposition to solve his country's crisis. The private, evening meeting took place in the framework of the "worrying" situation in Venezuela which was "weighing heavily on the entire population", a Vatican statement said. It said the pope had urged Maduro to "courageously take up the path of sincere and constructive dialogue to alleviate the suffering of the people, most of all the poor, and to promote a climate of renewed social cohesion, which will allow people to look to the future of the nation with hope". […]

  • Pope grants Venezuela president private audience

    Pope Francis on Monday granted Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro a surprise private audience at the Vatican in the midst of a deep political crisis in the South American country. A statement from the Holy See said Francis had met Maduro because the pontiff's heart was with the Venezuelan people. Maduro is accused by the opposition-majority legislature of committing a coup d'etat by blocking a referendum on removing him from power. […]

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  • Preacher. By Charles White, 1972Bible NYC Exhibit

    Updated weekly with new videos, photos and articles on the use of the Bible in NYC.

A Stiff Necked People by Nina Paley

The Bible becomes sheet music for lively Mosaic riffs of music and images.

"Ed Koch was our Moses" by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

At funeral services at Temple Emanu-El on 5th Avenue in 2013, Mayor Bloomberg said that Koch led the city out of despair and decay and gave us hope.

Javi's exodus from violent El Salvador to peace in Brooklyn, NY

See our exclusive day by day inside look at the flight from violent gangs and poverty in El Salavador to Brooklyn, NY

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