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Religion Newswriters Award for best in-depth religion reporting in a series.

Who are we?

On Sept 14, 2014 we had our 18,000,000th viewer! We are #1 on Google search for "NYC religion." We were founded on July 9, 2010 and continue with your support. Thank-you so very much!

We are exploring the postsecular city.

Join us as we travel down all 6,374.9 miles of our city's streets, every alleyway and quite a few hallways to map and photograph every religious site and to interview clergy and lay leaders at the sites.

We are an online magazine that ventures new ways of reporting about religion. We are nonsectarian and nonpartisan and open to anyone's cool and authoritative reporting on NYC religion.

We are a public square for the postsecular city. People of faith, people of no faith, liberals, conservatives--all are welcomed to journey together to make this city better for all people. Our warmest feelings are toward those who help the poor, the needy, and the abused.

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  • Exploring the World’s Jewish Communities September 21, 2014
    Harry D. Wall talks about finding a lesser-known side of Jewish culture, which community surprised him and more.
  • Liberal Jewish Voters September 19, 2014
    Liberal Jewish voters are by no means a thing of the past, argues the chief executive of a Jewish social justice organization.
  • Why Take a Stance on God? September 18, 2014
    Neither atheists nor believers know whether God exists, but there’s still a reason for them to defend their beliefs.

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  • Argentine leader seeks pope's backing for debt battle September 18, 2014
    Buenos Aires (AFP) - Argentine President Cristina Kirchner will visit her compatriot Pope Francis Saturday, seeking to enlist his support for her fight against hedge fund creditors before taking her pitch to the UN.
  • Pope's skull cap raises over 100,000 euros on eBay September 18, 2014
    Rome (AFP) - An Italian TV show managed to coax Pope Francis into handing over his white skull cap and has already raised over 100,000 euros in less than 24 hours by putting it on eBay.
  • Anti-gay Tenn. billboard stirs religion debate September 18, 2014
    PORTLAND, Tenn. (AP) — An anti-gay billboard is stirring a debate over bullying and religion in a rural community about 30 miles north of Nashville, Tennessee.


Illustrated Explorer’s Guide to Crown Heights, Brooklyn Part 1

Illustrated Explorer’s Guide to Crown Heights, Brooklyn Part 1

The area is the leading edge of the tectronic movement of gentrification.

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Why we JOURNEY. No. 1

Why we JOURNEY. No. 1

Who knows, maybe we can inspire a journey through religions in outer space?

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9/11 Mourning & Hope by Alan Kleinberg

9/11 Mourning & Hope by Alan Kleinberg

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Sympathetic Objectivity Part 4

Sympathetic Objectivity Part 4

Get more bang for your buck with empathy first. Open ears and heart makes for better interviews. Skepticism later, if needed.

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Sympathetic Objectivity Part 3

Sympathetic Objectivity Part 3

Sympathetic objectivity may help us to bring together the sympathy of the heart with the objectivity and skepticism of the mind.

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Old St. Patrick’s Church: A Chicago Renaissance Story

Old St. Patrick’s Church: A Chicago Renaissance Story

The inside story of how a church revitalized a declining neighborhood. A Journey Everywhere Feature

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Sympathetic Objectivity Part 2

Sympathetic Objectivity Part 2

At A Journey we have a different approach which is built into our organization. Our idea of sympathy is that we have a “fellow-feeling” with ...

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Bushwick, Brooklyn started!


Mavis Staples. Photo: Chris Strong

Oct 7 - Nov 11

Lincoln Center

Packed schedule includes:

Oct 7 & 8 St. Matthew Passion. Premier by Berliner Philarmononiker

Oct 22-24 How like an angel. Dance, circus and sacred songs.

Nov 4 Mavis Staples performs songs from One True Vine

Click here for full schedule & tickets

Brooklyn Historical Society is located 128 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201 at the corner of Clinton Street in Brooklyn Heights.

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 12-5pm

Click here for more information

On the list of schools that are in danger of being closed.

Mrs Barbara Kingson
Blessed Sacrament School, Jackson Heights, Queens

Blue-collar church focused on "Worship, Fellowship & Education."
2870 86th St, 718-996-5008

Rev. Song
Trinity Korean Methodist Church, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Bishop Charles H Harris, Sr

We have 17 Sunday school classes, one to fit every learning style. We are small enough to know you, but large enough to meet your needs.
464 E Tremont Ave

Bishop Charles H Harris, Sr
Morning Star Full Gospel Assembly, Bronx

Apostolic and prophetic approach.
31-55 92nd St
Founded 1992

Casa de Adoracion y Liberacion, East Elmhurst, Queens

By God's grace we bring people from the streets into our family.
880 E 180th St

Rev Moises Nieves
Christian Family Church, Bronx

Pastor Mark Chapman

Small church with a strong youth focus.
Try our summer camp!
Founded 1922
Sun 11am
100-50 196th St

Pastor Mark Chapman
Hollis Presbyterian Church, Queens

Our largest ministries are to the unwed, homeless, sick and prisoners.
1192 Fulton Ave

H Charles
Mt of Blessing SDA Church, Bronx

4-year program for pastors, teachers and evangelists.

Founded 1995
118 Bushwick Ave

Principal Martha Phegaray
Instituto Biblico Hispano, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

See the memorial to naval chaplains.

Monsignor Dorney & Rabbi Kloner
Father Cappadanno Memorial Chapel, Coast Guard, Staten Island

"We are based on Prayer for all the nations and people in need."

Rev Joshua Kim
Holy Mountain Korean Lutheran Mission, Elmhurst, Queens

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Illustrated Explorer's Guide to Crown Heights, Brooklyn Part 1
Why we JOURNEY. No. 1
9/11 Mourning & Hope by Alan Kleinberg
Old St. Patrick's Church: A Chicago Renaissance Story

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  • Preacher. By Charles White, 1972Bible NYC Exhibit

    Updated weekly with new videos, photos and articles on the use of the Bible in NYC.

A Believer’s journey at The New York Times

Deputy Metro Editor Mike Luo talks to The King’s College & the Christian fellowship of journalists Gegrapha

Xu Bing’s Phoenixes at St. John the Divine

A paen to the Chinese migrant worker inspired by Buddhist values. Xu lived in NYC for 20 years and considers it his 2nd home.

Ancient Egyptian religion in Brooklyn

A small group in Brooklyn sees the skyscrapers in Manhattan and think of the great pyramids of ancient Egypt.

PBS releases updated feature on A Journey through NYC religions!

“A Journey’s” firsthand reporting often turns conventional wisdom on its head.

Click photo to launch slideshow — “Street Art. Williamsburg-Greenpoint”

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